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Soft shadows retain their detail in small features thanks to the multiresolution maps

One of our more recent research projects is a highly realistic lighting and shadowing solution for complex outdoor environments.

Worldlight uses a diffuse PRT solution to provide soft light and shadows resulting from direct and indirect illumination by an HDR skydome. On top of this, it adds a soft directional sunlight term which is correctly shadowed by the world geometry.


Racing on the edge of control

Speed. Skill. Drama. Humans, aliens and robots flying ramjet-powered blades in deadly competition. As they battle for glory at the speed of sound, a universe watches, and holds its breath.

Second Intention ported Powerdrome from the Xbox to the PC, with the completed game being released in 2005. We added an all-new and highly optimised DirectX 9.0c renderer, with exciting new features like self-shadowing, image-based lens reflections, depth of field, and vehicle damage simulation using Shader Model 3 features.

The end result is jaw dropping, and takes the already-impressive Xbox visuals to the next level.

Edge of Chaos

The Heavy Corvette lets loose with an assault cannon.

One hundred years have passed since the end of the first Independence War, and far from the riches of the core worlds, trouble is brewing.

Join the oppressed citizens of the Badlands Cluster as they strike back at their corporate masters. Fight off marauder attacks, loot illegal arms shipments, and struggle to keep humanity from the brink of a deadly civil war.

Edge of Chaos was developed by Particle Systems for Infogrames Entertainment. It is a freeform space combat simulation coupling open ended space combat and piracy with a dramatic storyline and scripted missions. It broke new ground in presenting a rich, complex space simulation through a simplified, more accessible interface.


Inspecting an error in a machined auto wing

MachineWorks is the industry standard CNC milling machine simulation system. It is integrated into the major CAD/CAM packages, and saves machinists time and money all over the world.