Things I've recently made out of Lego, that most wonderful of toys.

My older models are all in my Brickshelf account. I'll try and move some of them here as time goes on. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new stuff.

Micro-scale freighter

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A small freighter and attendant tug. Shares some stylistic touches with the courier.

Micro-scale pirate flotilla

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Space pirates, complete with assault boat for boarding tasty merchant shipping and making away with valuables.

Mars Rover

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Two creations in the same month! This is previously unheard-of profligacy... This one is a Mars rover in the style of the official Mars Mission theme.

Micro-scale Courier

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Possibly some sort of diplomatic courier. It clearly doesn't have much cargo space, nor is it horribly beweaponed. And the engines are big suggesting speed.

Moondog Survey Rover

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A smallish moon rover. It drives around on the moon surveying things and stuff.

The Mule

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A largish Lego version of the Mule from Serenity. This is the hovering beast of burden which features in the post-credits chase sequence with the Reaver skiff. I think it's the best-designed vehicle in the whole movie.