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At least, I found them pleasing at some point in the past. If you are looking for Second Intention Limited, please see the business section. Otherwise, read on, and with any luck you can find something interesting.

Screen capture of the blog

Words you might like to read

Lazily-updated online diary. A blog. Read about possibly interesting things which may have happened to me recently.

I'm probably going to move this into the top level of the site at some point, like all the other bloggers, because it's the most regularly updated bit.

Picture of containers

Pictures you might like to look at

Quite a few digital photographs for your perusal.

Enoden schematic

The Enoden (Enoshima Dentetsu)

A light rail system in Japan, of which I am slowly building a model. It's been nice to do something which isn't entirely based around computers, although it does run the risk of real injury (hammers, chisels, sharp knives, track pins and so on).

You can see how I'm getting on.

Igelfeld scene

Bahnhof Igelfeld

This is the layout-in-a-guitar case I built for my father's 60th birthday. It's a simple Z-gauge branch line set somewhere in southern Germany around the middle of the last century.

We exhibited the layout at Railex in 2008, which was a really good experience.

Tanis scene

Tanis 1937

An A3 micro-layout inspired by the Indiana Jones movies. This layout was built in three weeks for Railex 2009, although there are still some finishing-off jobs to get to.

OO layout

OO layout

This is a UK outline OO layout set in East Anglia, which is my current project under construction. It was going to be blue diesels, honest, but then I saw this class 08 in EWS maroon and thought it was rather pretty. At least this kind of modern diesels + DCC + sound thing isn't too common in New Zealand yet...

Work has only just started on this one - I think I built the boards in June, or thereabouts.

Lego snapshot

Lego models

I realise that making things out of Lego at my age is a bit geeky, but bear with me. For one, there's a whole world of AFOLs out there. For another, I'm going to be a father in a few months' time, so I'm really just limbering up for the little 'un.

Rants and raves

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