Information about our clients, and links to their websites where available. For more detailed information on projects Second Intention has undertaken, see the portfolio.

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Tech Soft 3D

Tech Soft 3D logo

Tech Soft 3D, LLC (TS3D) provides premier development tools, training and consulting, enabling their customers to rapidly deliver world-class technical software.

TS3D’s HOOPS® technology is the leading graphics component in the CAD/CAM/CAE market with libraries embedded in and enhancing over 175 commercial software applications. Their customers range from small software vendors to some of the biggest names in the industry, including Autodesk, SolidWorks, Dassault Systemes, PTC, Bentley, MSC.Software, Fluent, IronCAD, Mitutoyo, Landmark Graphics, Minitab, Hitachi Zosen and Informative Graphics.

Second Intention has worked with Tech Soft 3D since 2006 providing on-site consultancy with remote development and maintenance work for the HOOPS 3D DirectX 9 driver. The three main thrusts of this collaboration have been design consultancy, development of new rendering features, and renderer optimisation.

Sidhe Interactive

Sidhe Interactive logo

Sidhe Interactive is a game development studio recognized for producing high quality entertainment titles with world class creative and software
development skills.

Developing across console, handheld, and PC platforms, Sidhe has created a range of innovative products including the award winning original title GripShift ®, the successful Rugby League series, genre defining Melbourne Cup Challenge, and Jackass: The Game.

Second Intention developed and optimised a suite of postprocessing effects for the Wii version of Speed Racer the videogame, as well as asssisting with renderer optimisation and other visual effects work. It was an interesting challenge to bring high-quality post processing to a platform often seen as less powerful, but the results speak for themselves. Without the postprocessing work it would have been difficult for the game to match the innovative look of the movie.


Guerrilla BV logo

Guerrilla BV, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is the award winning developer of the Killzone game for PlayStation 2, which has shipped close to 2 Million units worldwide.

The studio is currently working on a new Killzone title for PLAYSTATION 3, early scenes of which were shown to wide acclaim when revealed at E3 in 2005. The studio is also developing a further game within the Killzone universe for PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Second Intention has completed four graphics technology research contracts for Guerrilla since 2005. In that time we have explored, implemented and optimised a variety of cutting-edge graphical techniques for their flagship PS3 title Killzone 2.

ZOO Digital Publishing

ZOO Digital Publishing logo

ZOO Digital Publishing (ZDP) is one of the UK’s leading publishers of interactive software.

ZDP publish titles for Playstation 2, Xbox, Gameboy Advance and PC with leading titles including the Premier Manager series, Guilty Gear X2 Reload and Alien Hominid.

Second Intention developed the PC version of Powerdrome for ZOO Digital Publishing under contract to Applied Atomics. We worked closely with the production team at ZDP and their off-site testers to ensure that the gold master was delivered on schedule and to the highest possible standard.

“We were really impressed with the skill and commitment shown by Second Intention. They worked hard to ensure the project was completed on time, kept us fully informed as to progress, and consistently went the extra mile to make the game stand out.”

Patrick Armstrong – Development Manager, ZOO Digital Publishing

Media Design School

Media Design School logo

Media Design School is a high-end, industry based school specialising in computer arts, digital technology and creative innovation.

The school offers highly relevant qualifications including Game Development (design or programming stream options), 3D Imagery and Visualisation, 3D Computer Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Digital Media and Internet
Architecture and Development.

Second Intention provided tuition for the 2004 Graduate Diploma of Game
Development course intake, with particular emphasis on advising the programming students on their final project.

We have also produced course outlines and teaching materials for the 2005 intake, and developed and delivered lessons for the start of the programming stream in April and May 2005. This included production of a 2D programming toolkit designed to teach the basics of game development.