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Front path

Second Intention Limited is a games and graphics software development consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The comapny is owned and operated by Will Vale, a games industry veteran with ten years’ experience leading development of titles for the PC and Xbox as well as earlier work on engineering simulation software.

Will emigrated from the UK in 2004 in order to enjoy the better standard of living in New Zealand, where he is now a permanent resident.

For more information about Will, you can read his CV/resumé.

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Why use Second Intention?

To see what we can do for you, have a look at our portfolio.

We can make your game look better

Take advantage of our years of experience in designing and implementing traditional special effects: weapon effects, impact squibs, fire and flames, smoke trails, all kinds of explosions, and more.

Let us build your heads-up display into something which immerses the player in the world you’ve created instead of distracting them from it.

We can tie your artwork and gameplay together with cool post-process effects: High Dynamic Range rendering, amazing speed effects, camera lens effects, tone mapping and colour grading.

It’s a complete package: we don’t just do the programming – we’ll produce the art assets you need or work with your artists to integrate your content with our code.

We can make your game run faster

We know the ins and outs of general code optimisation at both algorithmic and inner-loop level.

We can help solve your graphical performance problems on PC, Xbox, Wii and PS3. We’ll show you how to present your data to the GPU in the most efficient way, and tune your shaders and rendering pipeline to give optimal performance. For the PS3, we can also move your hotspot code to take advantage of the SPUs.

We can save you money

Outsourcing work to us will lower your costs and reduce your risks.

The New Zealand dollar exchange rate means working with us is cheaper than you thought.

We can invoice you in your own currency so you have a fixed, predictable cost to budget for.

Where did the name come from?

Fencing foil

In fencing, an attack of second intention is a more subtle alternative to a direct attack.

It uses a deceptive opening movement to elude the opponent’s blade and score a hit on the second move – the one which was always intended to meet its target.

We like to think it symbolises elegance, cunning and strategy, as opposed to repeatedly clashing swords in a battle of brute strength without subtlety.